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Education Schedule

We offer a variety of classes that range from building your business to improving your technique. Our classes are currently being held virtually on Zoom.

For general questions or registration,
Call Ray @(714) 992-1400 or email

  • Synergy Gel for Success Webinar

    Searching for an odorless, non-porous, nail enhancement that gives as good as it gets? Well, look no further than our award-winning Gel Systems. Boost your salon services with our proven techniques with Synergy Gel, and ManiQ. This virtual class is power packed with everything you will ever want or need to know and then some. We’ll cover a wide array of topics including, natural nail preparation with Protein Bond, natural gel overlays, sculptured gel overlays, Soak Off gel application and removal, plus a special Q&A discussion

  • Use Your Imagination Gel Webinar

    Get ready to be inspired by expert nail artists at the top of their game. We cover a wide array of on trend designs using Imagination Art techniques with a focus on Gel. Topics include: custom color and glitter blending, inlay, stained glass effects, backfill designs with reverse application and custom free edge with art accessories. We’ll finish the session with a special discussion on the latest application techniques that are going to help you now!

  • All About Acrylic Webinar

    Practice makes perfect. Come learn how to sculpt a perfect set every time and make some serious money. This virtual class is power-packed with everything you’ll ever want or need to know about our award winning acrylic system. We’ll cover a wide array of topics including: overlays, full sets, reverse application technique, sculptured nails (free forms, free edge, body, cuticles with ease), refining smile lines, body zone application, plus a special Q&A session following each class.

Build your business

Due to COVID, we are currently not holding our in-person workshops. Stay tuned as we hope to see you all back in the classroom as soon as it is safe for everyone

Join our Social Media Zoom Class

Social Media has revolutionized the way the Modern Business Owner operates. Come spend the day with someone who knows this all to well. Come hear the stories about the very humble beginnings of Young Nails Inc., the struggles, the heartaches, the successes, and how Social Media has changed the business landscape for good. Leave confident in knowing you are not alone in navigating today's Modern Business Environment. Branding, Social Media, Pricing and much more!

Video tutorials

We’ve got you covered with hours of free tutorials to get you started as a beginner, or to continue pushing your craft as a professional.

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Our podcast

Hosted by Habib Salo, CEO of Young Nails Inc., the premier manufacturer of professional nail care products, the YN Biz Talk podcast will talk business building concepts and strategies focused on the beauty industry.