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Nail Art

YN Art Glitters

Add excitement to any Acrylic or Gel, mix them up and let your imagination go wild

YN Art Mylars

Encase in Acrylic or Gels, create unique dimensional effects

YN Art Confetti

Encase in Acrylic or Gels, layer these confetti shapes for a unique look

YN Art Foils

Create nail art with these transfer foils

YN Metallic Foils

Create a heavy metal look with Acrylic, Gels or Gel Polish using these metallic foils

Gel Paint

Color art gels that are great for fine art to full coverage, cures non-tacky.

YN Liquid Art

Add a few drops to your Young Nails Monomer to create custom tinted liquid to use with your Acrylic powders