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Introduction to My Full Polish Color Review: Fall Color Shots 2018

I am excited to begin this brand new segment of reviewing our Nail Polishes! We make professional nail care products including: acrylic, gel, gel polish, and pretty much everything that has to do with nails is a chance to share my unique take on each of the many shades of nail polish in our Young Nails Caption Polish line. At last count, there are over 175 different shades.

Trust me, this is going to be a good one.

Turns out, I’m incredibly fascinated by nail polish color and why certain colors are stickier than others. You know what I mean? What is that one detail or subtle something with color that makes it attractive to more people. What makes it the “IT” color? This is the mystery that keeps me awake, night after night, in all the 18 years I’ve been working in the nail industry. I l-o-v-e nail polish. It’s weird. I have this fascination with nail polish and I really don’t know why.

Obviously, I’ve been working in the nail business for a considerable amount of time. By default, I should be passionate about nails. Frankly speaking, the business side of nails has always peaked my interest. The colors trend side of nails was never really on my radar; mostly because it was something that I couldn’t or didn’t want understand. When I first started, I couldn’t appreciate the subtleties of color. I was living like with a self-imposed color blindness. I certainly didn’t understand what makes certain colors more interesting than others. I deal with absolutes in my life. For example, I know why I like a donut. I know why I like coffee. Donuts are good and coffee is deeeelicious; end of discussion. Boy, how things have changed.

When I look at nail polish, I see color. I’m kind of fascinated with the way it can stir up feelings. In this series, I want to get my nail polish game really going. Of course, I’m aiming for an honest deep dive into all the Young Nails nail polish. Just because it’s our own nail polish doesn’t mean that I’m going to go easy with my critiques. I’m going to call it like it is. If there is a certain nail polish color that I think is closer to pretty sad than actually being pretty; you can expect to hear about it.

I can’t wait to work out all my color issues with you and talk about all the subtleties of color in nail polish: pigmentation and application. Bonus points, here, my dreams of being a hand model have come true. You’re going to see the transformative nature of color on my man hands, which are not pretty. You will see that I bite my nails. I also bite the skin around my nails. It’s actually a sad stress induced addiction. A goal of mine, is to have nice beautifully manicured hands. This segment is really a convoluted way to build my hand model portfolio. Oh, yeah, and a serious exploration of the colors and kits to expand my thinking about them in a new way.

Today’s first set of colors is a recap of our Color Shots Fall Classics 2018. I know we’re in what feels like the 12th month of winter. It’s been a long one but I think these darker and moodier shades still work. The Color Shots are these super adorable mini-sized bottles. Adorbs. Each Color Shot is like a quick hit of color that’s nice if you don’t want to be committed to any specific color. I’m really pleased with how the Color Shots kits’ mini-sized bottles are not only cute but quite practical. Each mini bottle comes with a standard size cap and brush insuring that the application process doesn’t skimp out. If you’re into a good deal, the Color Shots are for you.

This is my first review kit and this is a tricky batch of color. The Color Shots Fall Classics 2018 are subtle dark colors with hits of shimmer. If you saw the mood board for this collection, you would see all these incredible images from NASA in space meant to evoke distant bright galaxies, mysterious constellations, and the secrets of the expanding universe. In house, we called it Cosmic Love.

As I paint out the colors. I’m going to talk it through while trying to remember all the tips I can borrow from Tracey and Greg, our in-house pros. I’m going to highlight bottle optics versus actual applied color. Our Young Nails Caption Nail Polish is known for great coverage and a sweet curved brush that mimics the curve of your cuticles for easy polishing. Our polish dries fast. I’ll need all the help I can get laying down a good manicure. Can’t wait to master how to polish my nails.

I may be biased but we have the best names in the polish game. We’ve named each color with phrases that would populate the emotional rollercoaster of our minds at any given point of the day.

This Color Shots kit includes four shades:

Out Of Body: Atmospheric Amethyst
Hmmmm. Interesting. Needs a second coat and comes to life!” Runner up winner, second favorite keeper.

So Far So Good: Celestial Light Years Blue
Wow this one is deceptive. Where is the pigmentation? This one is about transparency but will be a two coater. Nice though. It’s a maybe keeper.

Manifest The Best: Metallic Interstellar Mauve (Winner in this kit, in my humble opinion)
This is the Winner in this kit, in my humble opinion. Oh WOW, I love this color. Nice coverage in bronze-red. This one hit me, I felt love and an instant connection. LOVE.

Shine The Light: Metallic Copper Cluster
This is a pure bronze coppery color. Applies beautifully. It’s really pretty BUT I don’t like it. Maybe some of you will like it. This color is too loud and bright. Thumbs down, maybe give it away.

It’s interesting to note the colors are opaque in the bottle. I’m a sucker for dark color; it goes with my uniform of black on black on black. I was surprised to see the colors were more transparent than the bottle optics. These were going to look good as nail tints of metallic in a single coat but I wanted to see them darker still. So I applied a second coat.

That’s it. Thanks for joining me.
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Habib Salo, CEO
Young Nails Inc.