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How To Handle Cancellation & Deposit Policies As A Nail Tech

“Attachment to the past and fears concerning the future not only govern the way you select the things you own but also represent the criteria by which you make choices in every aspect of your life, including your relationships with people and your job.” — Marie Kondo, Japanese Organizing Guru of the KonMari Method and Author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying”

From a steady practice of business building, you’re client list has bulked up and for this you are grateful. You’ve made it. Your books are full. Life is good. You can now set your critics and self-judgement into snooze mode. You’ve got it from here. You’re waiting for your 12 o’clock client and guess what? Turns out they’re a no show and it’s not the first time. Do you let the curse words loose and flip your nail station upside down in angry protest? Or do you take the time for a nature walk, have an impromptu picnic lunch and watch the clouds roll by? Which reaction do you identify with the most? We’re gonna bet your reaction depends on whether or not you have clearly stated Cancellation and Deposit Policy. We’re going to show you how it can be a walk in the park.

My dear friend, are you running a business or a non-profit? Talking about money is hard. Asking for money is even more difficult. Asking for what you think you deserve is beyond uncomfortable. Examining our relationship with money can reveal a lot about you and whether you think you are worthy of goods things. We’re here to tell you that you are 100% worthy of getting paid. What does money symbolize to you? Security? Love? Survival? Freedom? Power? All of the Above? You have certain associations with money and so does everyone else. That’s why transactions can get tricky. To insure that you do get paid what you’re worth; it’s high time you set your salon policies in stone. At the top of to-do-list for today, communicate to all your clients your 24 hr No Show/Cancellation Policy. Go ahead and do it right now. We’ll wait for you.

While the universe is rooting for you. It is behind your every move, cheering you on. Wish as we might, it can’t do all the heavy lifting alone. It still needs you to show up for yourself. You do this by taking action. One such action is knowing how to protect what’s in your business’ best interests. Asking for a deposit in order to secure an appointment is a way of protecting yourself. It clearly states that your work should be valued and respected. You’re not messing around. Compose your own Deposit Policy or lift it from someone who has a good one. Now add it to your website, your social media handles, and the signature of your emails/ texts. The language should be crystal clear. The deposit is not optional. Next find an app that will help you take deposits online automatically so you have a credit card on file. It works as buffer and time saver from you having to ask for it. It’s a deliberate way to weed out your clientele before giving them any more of your energy. You’re schedule is just as important as your clients. So you have to keep it on track. As the late great Kurt Cobain once wrote, “I’d rather be hated for who I am; than loved for who I am not.” Yes, you get to decide who gets to receive the gift of your nail talents. You also get to decide who you might possibly let off the hook and for whom the gates are forever closed.

Advocating for ourselves can be the hardest hurdle to get over. So if you’re having a hard time getting the words out on your own behalf, try to imagine that you are doing it for a friend, a loved one, your 10 year old self, or your beloved pet. How would you stand up for them? Could you just watch on the side lines if they were being blatantly ripped off of or mistreated? Separate the part of you that seeks validation from people, places, and things outside of yourself from your business persona. You are in business to earn money and be prosperous. No one should deny you that.

Make so a credit card is required to get into the books. When someone chooses to repeatedly disrespect your time, take their money. The repeat offender is not going to change their spots. Go for the full amount of the service. Taking the deposit is not a punishment. It’s part of a straight forward working agreement and mutually agreed upon terms of service. We’ve said it before. Time is also a currency and has a value of its own. Once it’s gone, no one or nothing can give it back. When expectations are clearly defined; poor behavior is kept in check. Prepare your script in advance. Let go of the need to please and refer the client to all prior correspondence that communicated these policies. Take the emotion out. No surprises or apologies here. Be self-assured. Get to the point and get ready to live in abundance.