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How To Create Nail Content

We love fielding questions at our One Week Course (aka OWC) from the many nail professionals that join us from all over globe. It’s incredible to hear first hand, which issues keep you up at night and which ones jump start your mornings. One hot topic everyone likes to talk about is- content creation for social media. It’s unavoidable. Content is now an essential marketing tool for building a healthy and thriving business. It’s just how it’s done. So how do you go about creating content for your individual business and how do you know how much content is enough? For a nail professional, or anyone with a business, there is just one goal: to create a steady and consistent stream of daily content. We know this sounds a little intimidating, but there is a method to the madness. Here we’re happy to share some of the lessons we learned along the way. So let’s begin!

Plainly stated. The first rule of Content Creation is that you literally have to force yourself to do it. Every. Single. Day. Seriously, there is no choice here. Posting is a responsibility that comes with the job. Don’t even think about skipping a post. It’s not an option.

At first glance, you might feel pretty sure you’ve got this content thing covered. How hard can it really be? You might think it’s just painting a bunch of nails and clicking to post. Oh, my friend, you couldn’t be more wrong. Creating engaging daily content requires the P word: Planning. To some degree, you have to plan out what ideas to post ahead of time. All those free spirited Instagram images and stories crossing your feed, most likely weren’t done on an impulse. It was part of someone’s plan. Now go and make your own plan. Over time, it will get easier and as things settle down, you’ll find yourself in a nice familiar routine.

Don’t worry if the first 352 posts are not perfect. We promise they won’t be. What’s important is for you to start with just one post at a time. There is no better place to start then exactly where you are. The nail content might be a little rough and maybe even crappy. So what? Tweak it as you go. The gold star gets handed out for just executing. Your ability to connect will get better over time as you come to understand your market. Two years ago, when I first started putting out content, social media was a hassle. Didn’t like it at all; I was actually opposed to it. What I created back then was so far off the mark. I just made it a point to start posting and vlogging. It was about random business travels and oddly nothing about nail content. It’s funny looking back now at the journey of just trying to figure it all out. The real miracle is that day by day, Young Nails was able to grow. Something was working and I came to see our process of creating content improve. It’s an ongoing process.

So what should your content be about? It should be about you. It’s what you have going on throughout the course of the day. Successful content documents your real life as a nail artist, your process, your day with its highs and lows. That’s what people want to see, something relatable and honest. We love to check out what @garyvee is up to. He’s a genius that directly inspires how we shape our content. If you watch our Instagram you will see how we create content. We use @garyvee as a guide for how to tell our story. Right now, you can enjoy the 40 pieces of content we put out a day. It’s not overly manufactured. It’s us being us.

For many years, Greg was the only one with the confidence to be on camera for our Young Nails Youtube channel. He’s the king of doing nail demos with an energy that naturally hooks audiences. It’s a space that Tracey and I never imagined for ourselves. Personally, it was easier to stay behind the scenes and run the business side of things. There came a point when our Young Nails business was in a downward spiral. I had to take up the challenge to figure out a way out of the slump. Back up against the wall, I had to take some chances and put myself out there in a new way. In the beginning, I felt stupid and embarrassed being on camera. Since then, I’ve learned how to embrace my insecurities or fear of being judged. Now I am so glad that I did. My feelings towards social media has changed. Today, I love it and feel comfortable with myself and have a lot of fun in front of the camera. It wasn’t like that before. There’s a level of ease that comes from practice and a open commitment to doing things that make me uncomfortable. To make it through to the other side, you have to face the anxiety.

The start off with the goal of posting on your business feed once a day. Then work your way up to posting three stories a day. You can take a picture of the nails and talk about how the process went. Share your thoughts on whether you think the work is good or bad. Talk about what you know and what’s going around you. It’s a chance to be candid about your experience as a nail artist. Dedicate time to creating content. Please do not obsess about every detail in the photo or every word you write on your post. It’s an ongoing practice. Go at your own pace and forget about perfection. Content creation is a volume game so don’t sweat the small stuff either.

*This article was written as an adaptation of a Young Nails Biz Talk on How to Create Nail Content, a candid weekly discussion between Habib Salo, CEO, and Tracey Reierson, General Manager, of Young Nails.
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