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How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost?

Thinking about getting acrylic nails? Acrylics are great for enhancing the appearance of your nail length, plus they’re a great canvas for intricate nail designs. Bonus points, your enhancements will last well over two weeks, and can be filled in as the nail grows out to be worn for an extended period of time.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, it doesn’t hurt to go into your nail appointment knowing the base cost of a full acrylic set and the elements—from adding gel nail polish into the mix, opting for French tips or fun nail art—that can affect the final price of acrylics

We’ll discuss the price ladder of both basic and intricate acrylic nails, plus every sub-service that falls under the acrylic category. Here’s what to expect if you're ready for acrylic nails: 

How Much is a Full Acrylic Set?

Set aside a minimum of $60 if you walk into the nail salon ready for a basic acrylic full set.  While this is the average base price for a full set of acrylic enhancements, there may be additional up-charges for elements outside of what that base price includes.  These up-charges can include but are not limited to additional length, custom shaping, art work or French manicure looks.  It is important to understand that every nail salon that provides such services factors in the quality of the acrylic techniques they use, their skill level, and the establishment’s rank into their pricing layouts. 

Pink & White Acrylic Nails 

Ah, the classic French tip! Even without acrylics involved, opting for a French design increases the price of any regular or gel set you’ve decided to sport for the week (or two). And since pink & white acrylic nails involve the utmost fine-tuned detailing and precision, expect the cost to start at $80 for a French set so sleek and timeless, that it is a look for every season. Give your technician grace, and be ready to sit patiently as your technician creates these beautiful French looks.

How Much Do Acrylic Nails with Designs Cost?

Adding on an accent nail design usually starts at $5-$10 per nail for a basic design, but can be more depending on the intricacy of the art. Now, if every single nail becomes a canvas of art all on its own, that price can upswing rather quickly. If you’re envisioning an acrylic set full of designs on every nail, address it with your technician first and figure out if they have an average price they charge for infinite designs rather than risking being charged per nail.  It can also be helpful if you are able to send inspiration pictures to your technician prior to the appointment to get a better idea on pricing as well as how long the service will take.  It is important to remember that artwork takes additional time, so make sure to let your tech know you want art when scheduling the appointment.  

Acrylic Nail Fill-In Cost

Fill-ins represent the two-to-three week maintenance that’ll keep your acrylic enhancements looking fresh.  At this service appointment, your technician will fill in the re-growth area and will make the enhancement look new again. With an acrylic nail fill-in session comes the option to switch up your polish color or designs, calculating the cost to start at $40 for just the fill-in, art being an additional charge.  

Acrylic Nail Repair Cost

Never let one bad apple overpower the beauty of the rest. In the nail world, this holds to be true because a single chipped or cracked acrylic tip is an easy fix. Though it comes with a price of course; depending on your technician’s policies, a repair can range from $10-$20 and up. 

Acrylic Nail Removal Cost

Even the most devoted acrylic nail professional will tell you it is essential to maintain your acrylic enhancements regularly.  However, if you decide to take a break and want the enhancements removed, it is important to allow your technician to remove them safely.  Having a professional remove them to conserve your nail health and prevent damage from pulling them off can cost a removal price starting at $30

No matter the length, shape, or nail polish formula you go with, whether it be gel-based or traditional, heightening these attributes that make a manicure individualistic to you with acrylics, is always a luxury. Acrylic nails can spark confidence, must be the clickity clack satisfaction of it all, and are the perfect treat if you don’t naturally have long, strong, beautiful nails.  Remember, the cost you pay for an acrylic set all comes down to quality, time, and the indelible fresh-length feeling you leave with when walking out of the salon.