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Don’t Sabotage Your Own Nail Business

Keep on reading as we expose three sneaky ways a nail pro can sabotage their own business. Yup. It’s a fairly common thing in the salon trade, self-sabotage. Expectations run high once you graduate from cosmetology school and throw yourself into straight into the nail business. Here we help you dodge a few rookie mistakes that can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked and send your business into a real crash and burn.


Life in the salon is a day full of mixed emotion and literal hand-holding. The very act consisting of a certain level of personal connection. Let’s face it, a good salon is the site of many intimate points of contact. Clients lives can be full of ups, downs, and over-sharing. Tread very carefully here. The first act of self-sabotage in this business is the murky area that can confuse a friendly client relationship with something that looks like an actual friendship. It’s very important to recognize this from the beginning. You must be clear in this department and resist the urge to make it into more than it is. Anyone who comes to sit in your chair for a service, is your client first. Don’t allow the feelings of friendliness to trickle into your business practice. The blurred lines of your relationships with clients (even the ones that started out as actual friends) can leave you feeling guilty for charging reasonable market rates, upcharging for nail art, initiating price increases in tune with your level of skill/education/experience which changes over time, or leave you defenseless against handing out unwarranted discounts. FYI, your true friends want you to succeed, too. Your real friends will not want to cut into your income.

Boundaries are good and you should be the one to set them in your salon. It’s a sign of respect that runs in both ways. It’s good for you and it’s good for your client. You are not asking for permission. You are making a simple statement. How do boundaries work in sabotaging your nail business? Think about this. You must communicate your boundaries. To the client who always runs late, introduce the 10 minute grace period. To the client who always cancels at the last minute, introduce the credit card on file and charge them for appointment cancellation fee. See? If you feel good enough about your work and draw boundaries with respectful salon communications/policies in place, you will be able to develop incredible healthy client relationships plus an incredible healthy salon business.

Be confident in your decision making process.Trust your instincts. Another pivotal act of self-sabotage is not trusting your own ability to make good decisions. You will be asked to make many decisions, several times a day, in order to grow your business. The key is not to waver or be wishy washy about it. Make it a cut and dry decision; and do everything in your power to support that decision. This is leadership in action. Your salon needs a strong leader one whose vision your employees will trust and follow. You won’t make the right decision every time. But if you’re willing to make a mistake; you will fail forward and gain valuable knowledge and the understanding to make a better decision the next time. It’s a crucial skill to commit full force. As a side note, it’s also crucial to admit if you made a wrong decision. Don’t suffer from too much ego or pride to make an adjustment when necessary. Sometimes the adjustment is slight and sometimes it’s a full U-turn. Don’t worry you’ll figure it all out. Each time getting better in order to keep up with the fast pace of your business growth.

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