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Dip Powder Or Gel Polish?


With the recent surge of dip into the market over the last couple of years, many nail techs are wondering which service they should offer their clients: Dip Powder or Gel Polish? How does each perform? Which service would be best? Is there an easy way to incorporate these simple yet effective products into your salon business? Which one is the right one for you?

We have seen Dip Powder take the world by storm in recent years. In some instances, nail techs are ditching Gel Polish in favor this latest nail trend. Both Dip and Gel Polish are wonderful options to use directly onto the natural nail. Both are services with a very easy learning curve. So there is no intimidation factor for the beginner or expert. One might be swayed to substitute one service for the other. A beautifully executed set of Dip Powdered nails is easily mistaken for Gel Polish. Gel Polish is the long time client fave for its own reasons. There is magic to both. So when pressed even Tracey our YN Director of Operations has a hard time picking a fave. Her response, “Why turn anyone or their money away?” The real profitable answer is that nail techs should offer both; if your salon environment allows.

Most salons offer Gel Polish now. A nail pro should always choose a product based on the clients’ needs first. A person with nice strong nails can handle a Gel Polish service. If a person with more brittle and flexible nails are prone to bending. They could benefit from the firm structure and tight bond of Dip Powder. It’s always smart to have a few techniques available in your tool box to respond to current demand. Ask any nail pro, and many agree the biggest challenge might be the basic service, nail polish. There is a real skill involved. This skill transfers to Gel Polish application and vice versa. The hard part is controlling the product to prevent flooding the cuticle. Become a true expert in control and you are golden. Dip Powder

So how does one get into Dip Powder? Our first preference is Dip Powder (SlickPour) applied with our YN Conversion Gel. We consider it the best of both worlds as if acrylic and gel had a little baby. What’s not to love? You have the strength of the Dip Powder and the flexibility of the Gel. Traditional Glue/Resin is an option but it’s not our first choice. Be aware that many pros and clients have developed a sensitivity to it. it’s always good to offer your client service options. It might ease a situation with those clients a tad anxious about the UV lamp.

Here we’d like to break away from technique and talk about client relationships. The idea that nail techs should submit to their clients every whim is not in the cards. With every budding new nail trend, it’s important for you to stay in the know. Always educate yourself and your customer about nail health and how the trend has its pros and cons. Our recommendation is to work towards building a full clientele. These are your “chosen ones”. You have created a relationship based on trust. These amazing clients know what you can deliver and respect your work. It’s why they keep coming back time and time again. At this point, fill your books with more of these kind of people and start weeding out the not-so-amazing clients. You know the problem ones who think they know more than a pro?

All nail pros should strive for versatility, so that there isn’t a single service you can’t do. When a new trend comes along, you are willing and excited to give it a go. When your base and fundamentals are strong, let that lead you to a comfortable expansion of services. Expand. Grow. Gain confidence. Start all over again so you find yourself being free to play around and confident to offer almost everything. You will have the right tool for every moment and cast a wide net to get every client.

**This is an adaption from our YN Biz Talk playlist on YouTube, “DIP POWDER OR GEL POLISH?”

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