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Dealing With Negativity In The Nail Business


“Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.” --Albert Einstein

Negative Comments. Negative Feelings. Negative People. How you handle it can reveal a lot about the person you are and surprisingly how you see yourself in the world? This is a hot topic taken straight from our YN Facebook Community. We’re pleased to share with you a few ways to kick negativity energy to the curb.

Social Media has given us so many amazing ways to connect with one another. When we put ourselves out there for personal or professional reasons, we often don’t realize that these connections can turn from positive to poison in an instant. There is often no rhyme or reason for the harsh criticism that gets unleashed into our feeds.
Unfortunately, we’ve all been the target of someone’s cruel comments. Cyber-bullying is real and not just for the kids. It happens to the professional and it can shake you to your core. Someone once posted on our feed, “I hate you and I wish you would stop breathing.” WTF, right? The best way to protect yourself from the online personal attacks is have a positive and fulfilling life outside of the digital realm. Stay connected and surround yourself with positive things and people in real life. These people will be your support system when you need it. Hiding behind their screens, “keyboard warriors” think they are powerful and that they have a right to judge. Remember, it’s so important to understand that their words are in no way your reality. The attacks only “feel” personal. This negative person doesn’t really know you. So keep moving forward. Grow a thick skin. Bounce back. Do what you do best, do you. Believe in yourself and your self-worth. Stay in your power. Let the intimidation wither away.

You can have a million positive comments and a single negative comment can ruin your day. This happens to us. Somehow it’s easier to believe in the bad things people say. It’s like a default setting that we need over-ride. That my friend is a self-esteem issue. When they come after you it’s hard not to take things personally. People who are commenting negatively are having a bad day. Keep your energy positive and focus on the people, places, and things you are grateful for. In fact, routinely keep a list of things you are grateful for. These positives will always outweigh the negatives. Prime your brain for positivity. We do that over here by setting a positive intention of the day. Instead of focusing on the darkness, we ask how can we be a light in this world? At YN, our true intention is to help educate and entertain nail pros. This intention has a calming effect. Ask yourself what is your intention? What is the bigger picture?

So what happens when you come face to face with negativity and that negative person is a client sitting in your chair? Ouch. It’s not an easy thing to swallow when somebody doesn’t like the set you just did. We like to call this scenario an opportunity for growth. Take a deep breathe. Make yourself open to the feedback. In some instances, the negative feedback might actually be constructive criticism. See this as the universe telling you (and not that picky client) that there is something for you to learn from their experience. In the beginning, it will be hard. Some clients might direct the criticism your way to manipulate the price of the service or get away with something for free. Slow down. Assess the situation. Recognize your skills. If you are confident that the work is good. Start a dialogue.
Ask them to explain what they don’t like. Ask them to articulate what they expected/imagined. Ask if there is anything you can do to fix the nails. Please fix the set or the situation, if for whatever reason they just didn’t turn out. Offer their money back or offer to cover your next appointment. The learning never ends. There is always room to improve. Lastly, if the client is just scheming for a free set, offer to take that set off. Don’t allow the negative experience to consume your day. Just like that, let it walk right out the door with the person it came in with.

**This is an adaption from our YN Biz Talk playlist on YouTube, “Dealing with Negativity In Nail Business”.
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