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Best Marketing Strategies For Nails In 2020


What is your digital marketing strategy? Which platforms will be the most effective for your growing nail business in the new decade? Habib and Tracey talk about the top 4 platforms to mess around with so that you can take the world by storm and transform your nail business in 2020. Experiment with these pain-free tips to roll out impressive daily content that concentrates on everything about nails you love!

Newspaper, Yellow Pages, Fax Machine, and Pay Phone. When was the last time you personally looked to any of these as a reliable resource? Did you reach for a newspaper to get the latest news headlines or movie showtimes? Did you reach for the phone directory to find the number of your favorite restaurant and book a dinner reservation? Did you head over to a fax machine to reorder your favorite make-up products? Did you call every single one of your loved ones during the holidays or did you thankfully just send a group text? Are you still getting set up on blind dates by your great aunt Brenda’s best friend or are you juggling multiple accounts on Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid? We’re willing to bet that you went straight to a digital device every time. In your personal and professional life, all the questions get answered online. We’re not asking you to invent fire. We’re asking you to do what you are already doing but for the benefit of your nail business. Turn what some say is the ultimate distraction into a major vehicle for client attraction.

There are only two ways to market your business. The first way should be an automatic marketing approach and it’s rooted in first person connection. A nail tech is a walking billboard for their business. You wear your nails, promote your nails and talk to people. The second and yet most important approach should be digital marketing through social media. Why do you need to be on Social Media? Studies show that social media is often the first and last thing your clients are scrolling through on a daily basis. Your client is spending an average of 2 hours a day checking Facebook or posting to Instagram (multiple times a day, mind you) while standing in the grocery line, sitting in traffic, or while eating meals. It’s no longer up for debate. Simply put Social Media is where all the clients are. With that being said, we’ve done all the leg work to help you use Social Media to your business’ advantage.

The nail professional can really make a killing if your presence is made known on these top 4 platform picks. Here are our top ranking Social Media platforms, in order of preference, based on demographic reach.

All ages are using this platform for travel, entertainment, fashion and beauty inspiration.

This is what the teens in your life are glued to for “short-form mobile videos”. Consider it the new social media darling in town before her Oscar nomination. It’s a social media monster currently with 500 million active users and the fastest growing social media platform in the world. We don’t mean to brag but did you know that our Young Nails TikTok just ranked No. 1 Beauty & Style Videos? These followers could be yours, too.

The Cadillac of social media platforms it continues to be a steady fave for more mature audiences. Your mom and all her friends are posting here.

This is the go-to platform for professional business networking and a vital arena to promote yourself as a nail professional and technical expert in the field of nail care. You want a clientele that’s booked on the regular and on their way to be a mini-mogu or future CEO, right? This is where you’ll find her.

What do you actually do on these platforms? This is our cheat sheet to optimize your brand. It’s super basic. There is no need to be afraid of social media. We repeat. There is no need to be afraid. Embrace it for all that it is and all the possibilities that come along with it. Here is an easy roadmap. The bonus is that these posts can be done without sucking up too much of your time. Start with a post once a day. Work your way to at least three to four times a day. Repeat Daily.

Create your own Instagram account. Don’t agonize over a cute account name. It isn’t the main draw. Your nails are the reason people will be drawn to you.

Post at least one set of nails a day on Instagram. Link your IG to Facebook and post one post automatically in 2 places.

Next get on to TikTok. Buy an inexpensive stand online and shoot one time lapse video of a single technique. We’re talking about a 15 sec clip of something super basic like picking up a pearl of acrylic, brushing acrylic on the nail, polishing the nail, gel polishing the nail, etc. This is another chance to double expose your nail post on your Instagram main feed or stories.

Keep posting every day. The followers will come.

Break The Seal: You are still new to social media. It still scares you a little bit. Instagram is the best place for beginners to break the seal and start posting. So go ahead, we’re waiting. Do it right now and tag us #youngnailsinc #nailbiz. Right after that, utilize location marketing and geo-tags so your future clients can come find you.

Rapid Fire Organic Growth: You’re nail game on social is established but needs a little energy boost.
Hit up the TikTok immediately. Be careful not to get too distracted by it in the process. TikTok is addictive and nail videos are just the eye candy entertainment the audience is looking for. Getting in on the ground floor is your best chance of growing organically, quickly and for free! The kids are all obsessed with nails and they’re going to be obsessed with yours too! More and more teens are getting their nails did. Get in with the next generation of clients.

The Power Suit: You’re a true social media believer and have been following our lead for awhile. Every experience you take and make is powered by social media. It’s how you find your next vacation spot or that hot designer Pop-Up. Now you want to meet other like-minded power people. Consider LinkedIn a business to business people connector. Right now the circles are smaller for you to make your nail business known. To start, post your finished set of nails. Talk through what you did; posting juicy educational nail demos. Be proud of your work and what you do. Post it across all the platforms. For example, how to put on a nail form is a 20 second piece of content. Share your expert opinion on what forms you like to use; why you use them; and what kinds of nails come as a result or your perfect polishing technique. You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. The true sign of hitting your stride as a nail artist is when you naturally share your depth of knowledge. A real pro values her work and their ability to provide an incredible salon experience. Don’t worry about the clients not coming to see you now that you gave some piece of knowledge away. Think about it as sharing your passion and why your work is so special You are one of a kind and care deeply about what you do. Last we checked, contractors aren’t going out of business because of HGTV. Restaurants aren’t losing customers either because of the Cooking channel. This needs to be a part of your strategy for 2020.

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