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Are Nail Salons Going Out Of Business?


Is it possible that machines could take over the nail industry and the world? Should nail techs be concerned about these upcoming technologies? The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the biggest tech show of the year highlights the next best thing in “smart” gadgets/devices from the big boys like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and start ups from around the world. They promise the next level of ease and convenience to anyone who dares to take the leap. The future is now. CES is a sneak peak of where tech is taking us and reshaping our daily lives. This is where we first met Alexa, Netflix, Nest, Ring and the continuing evolution of virtual reality and self-driving electric cars. This go around, we saw AI dogs gearing up to replace Fido, an Uber-style app for those who can’t stand laundry and even new nail consumer tech: the latest version of the portable nail art printer and we heard through a friend, a fully automated at-home finger painting machine. Hmmmm, sounds interesting! So if you think the professional nail tech should feel threatened? Think again.

There will always be new trends and technological innovation. The way we see it; that’s a good thing. It keeps things from being boring. The late great Gianni Versace once said, “It’s nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better.” When we fixate on the competition, human or machine, we can miss the opportunity to invest that time and energy on ourselves and focus on our business. Consider redirecting any anxiety of the unknown into something you have 100% control over - your own actions, performance and talent.

Gather up all the folks who enjoy manis, pedis, and nail enhancements. They can be split down the middle into two camps: pro-salon and pro-diy. There are just those people who love a salon nail service and those who prefer to do their nails at home. We respect both. Each scenario represents an individual’s idea of relaxation and pampering. Both are experience driven. It’s important to understand that the DIY consumer is not a threat to the salon business. Neither is access to professional nail product or knowledge via professional geared tutorials. Our best case in point- Are restaurants going out of style because of the influx of new diet trends (e.g. Plant-Based, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free) and cooking gadgets (e.g. air fryers, juicers, Instapots, sous vides, electric grills)? You have a perfectly good coffee machine at home, are you steering clear of Starbucks? There is no lack of options to treat yourself. To each their own. As a nail pro, your number one concern should be to keep building your best self, your confidence, your client relationships and your skills one day at a time. And so with the arrival of these new nail consumer technologies, we say, “Welcome to the Game.”

Often it's easier to look outside of ourselves and blame whoever we are perceiving as the current threat. “Just because they are succeeding before you, does not mean they are succeeding in replacement of you.”, said Morgan Harper Nichols. The nail business is constantly evolving. There is no replacement for positive human connection. You, the nail tech are everything, special and unique. There is no replacing you. So whenever a new competitor pops up, stay open and curious. Don’t lock yourself up in fear. Stay committed to adding value to the client experience and elevating your brand. Be yourself. Make your business about the human spirit. There is enough opportunity for everyone to rise.

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