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3 Foolproof Marketing Tips For Nail Pros

We’re feeling pretty blessed to spend time with YN Senior Mentor, OWC (One Week Course) Instructor and Nail Pro Extraordinaire, Melissa DeLaCruz. You can check out her work on Instagram @mjay_delacruz. Interested in giving your nail business a superboost? Here are three foolproof ways to market and build a successful nail business. Melissa has traveled around the world with us as a leading educator, sharing our YN mission to help nail professionals everywhere on the best ways to improve your nail sculpting technique and channel your inner nail boss. She knows exactly what it’s like to build a business. She’s done it three times before. So here are Melissa’s three foolproof marketing tips that have made all the difference by staying inspired and most importantly banking that cash.

You might be missing out on the easiest way to market your work. It’s so easy; it’s often overlooked. Nail pros, wear your own work. You’re basically advertising it when you’re around town. People always stop and ask me about my nails when I’m shopping. It’s also a great way to give your clients ideas of what to get next. When you go to Starbucks, the mall, out with the kids or at the grocery store. At the very minimum, please wear your own work. It’s an easy way to show off and build your clientele.

I love wearing nails and I always have. So this came very naturally to me. I love the way they look and the way they make me feel, whether I’m in sweats or dressed up. People say they’ve never seen a nail tech wear their own work or had their nails done. I get comments on my nails several times a day and I let them know that I did them. It lets them know what kind of work they can expect from me. It even gives them ideas for nails. When people ask, I tell them that I do nails. I throw out my Instagram handle or business card. Around the holidays, I can get pretty fancy and those always get comments, too. If you do polish or gel polish, you can always do something simple, too. You just have to show people the best of what you can do.

Congratulations, you’ve now got the walking billboard component down. The next thing key marketing move is to set up your social media account. Instagram is the best for this. Post regularly. Post every day. Many times a day. It’s actually what built my clientele now. I kept my IG up and post daily. f I had the entire day open, my nails looked fabulous. I changed them out every three hours just so I could take a picture. I’ve had to build up a nail clientele three times. My Instagram is like a portfolio now. It shows the variety of what I can do. It shows that I have an active business. And now my husband Eric, did a total career change. He does nails now too. He’s posting every day. Instagram has totally helped him build up his clientele. I send him some of the overflow clients but he’s almost solidly booked on his own. It’s really the best marketing that I’ve ever done. We have a great time and we like each other at work too. And I have YN to thank. At first I was like, really? I don’t have time for social media. Do I want to take pics of myself doing nails? But doing it becomes addictive. The clients get excited about it too, they always want to know what you are doing.

Identify a few potential clients who are always in front of people and work in “high traffic” areas. Retail environments are a good example. Banks. Clothing Stores or Make-Up Shops sales people are great because that’s fashion. They go hand and hand. Sephora or your other favorite make-up store. Let them in on your work. When you do their nails; it has the same effect as wearing your own nails. It multiplies the amount of marketing exposure you’re going to get. When this kind of person wears my nails, I always get the referral. The work speaks for itself. If someone feels like the nails I wear are too crazy. Well then, here’s my Instagram. Here’s what I can do. This is really how I continue to build my clientele. When I first relocated to Southern California, I chose to work in a salon with an unheard of number of hair stylists: 64. The stylists had assistants so they could tear through 20 appointments a day. Think about that. If I got my work on just ten of the stylists that amounts to a marketing exposure to an average of 200 new people a day. So I approached them and offered to do their nails for whatever they normally paid. There was a range of prices from a manicure as low as $25 to $45 and then to $85 per set. I would do whatever they wanted or if they trusted me, they let me pick out a look. I actually landed 13 hair stylists.

To be honest, I never got one walk in. My prices start at a little higher than average. So if there were other nail techs two doors down, they’re charging less so walk-ins would head over there. The thing is they didn’t have the same education and experience level as me. By sticking to my prices and building up an active marketing strategy, this helped me build a profitable business through referrals. I couldn’t make it if I depended only on walk-in business. I would have been stuck at much lower pricing. My services start for Sculpted Active Length at $95 for a full set. Medium Length is $125 for a full set. Longer Length goes for $150 for a full set. I have a full clientele with a waiting list. My clients know that everything you get when you sit in my chair is worth it. I’m worth it. You get someone with my education, my experience level and my confidence.

It can be hard to compete no matter where you are. People like to say I can charge these kind of prices because I am in Southern California. To be honest, I’m from Tulare County. Look it up. It’s located between Fresno and Bakersfield, really rural area with a lot of agriculture. It’s not like Southern CA and Orange County. I charged my clientele up there the same as I charge down here. I believed in myself and stuck to my price. It took me 1.5 Years to build up a full book here. You don’t have to worry about the less expensive competition out there. The nail market in Southern California is intense. It’s hard to compete here in LA. It would have taken just 6 months to build my clientele if I started with less expensive services. But I would be drowning and having a hard time in business. By word of mouth and through these foolproof tactics I was able to build my business out on a strong foundation. I was patient and built it out the right way. I didn’t have to settle. Now I am having fun and have a phenomenal and satisfying business of my own.

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