YNI Finesse Pro Acrylic Sculptor

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9 Oval.

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    Best acrylic brush

    Posted by Cathleen Richards on 18th Sep 2020

    This has been my favorite brush for a few years now. Light weigh, well balanced, perfect brush size! This brush makes creating smile lines incredibly easy. Please don’t ever discontinue this brush!!

    Please also bring back your gloss buffers. My pink and white clients don’t like top coats on their nails and neither do my male clients. Those were the best high shine buffers on the market and I have one left!

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    YNI pro acrylic sculptor

    Posted by S on 10th Sep 2020

    I just received my Young Nails YNI Finesse Pro Acrylic Sculptor brush, which is a size 9 oval. I have been using the previous version of this brush for well over a year now, and thanks to the amazing lid and proper care and cleaning, it has held up at 100% with zero signs of wear! I had to get a second, to have a spare for both 'just in case' moments, and also using multiple acrylic colors without cleaning between each on a single service. The differences that I noticed are extreme! I have to say I am actually happy with them. I *think* that the bristles are the same, though I will find out tomorrow when I use it in monomer. The previous version, if you don't already have one, had a beautiful metal handle with the same shape, and a removable cap of the same stainless material. I love my brush for many reasons. One, the workability of the brush, two, the quality of the bristles, three, the quality of the handle, and four, the cap which ensures it does not dry out. First, I love how the brush handles the acrylic. It is an absolute dream to work with. Second, the bristles have held up with 100% integrity with over a full year of use, and show no signs of wear or any negative effects. Three, the handle, being metal, is not damaged by acetone or anything else you throw at it, or it in! Four, the cap, removable, is the best non 100% essential feature. Please, don't think that means useless! I also have other cute brush caps by Young Nails, and they have a hole at the end. I use these for my gel/art brushes. I have seen acrylic brushes with a cap which has a hole in the end also, and while it is great for protecting the bristles from accidental damage when not in use, I was looking for something more. Young nails really delivered here, and set itself apart from the competition. The cap on this brush does not have a hole, and is metal. This allowed me to clean my brush in acetone after each use, and protect the bristles, but also has another huge benefit. I can dampen my brush in monomer, and it stays wet until I use it again. Wonder what this does? This helps prevent my brush from ever accidently getting acrylic dried in it. Also, it keeps my bristles conditioned and perfectly prepared for the next service!
    When I was purchasing this new version of the Pro Acrylic Sculptor by Young Nails, I was curious as to what I would recieve, since I wasn't seeing a cap. When I opened my order today, I was so delighted. I discovered Young Nails had redesigned their brush! Previously, the brush had two identical looking rounded ends, and the cap must be put down when using the brush. My only furstration using this brush was occasionally not knowing if it was right side up or upside down! I had to look closely for the very faint words which were only on the handle. Now, the handle comes off of the brush, and becomes the cap! Not only is this really cool, but I don't have the cap sitting loose while using the brush, and it also makes the weight of the brush in my hand lighter. Awesome! Also, I love that they changes the color of the words on the brush, as they are a little darker and slightly easier to read. Also, this shows off the brand of brush that I use, and with Young Nails, that's never a bad thing! The quality of this brush is so evident. This new brush has a couple of other minor changes that I have observed. A slightly diferent length from where the handle joins the brush to where the bristles start for one, and a slightly diferent diamater of the beautifuly crimped feurrell of the brush.

    Next, I would like to adress complaints that I have seen on reviews of various brushes, and how this YNI Finesse Pro Acrylic Sculptor 9 oval brush adresses them so successfully. Please note that none of these complaints are in any way a reflection on this brush!
    One, The brush is great, but don't get acetone on the handle! It will ruin it.
    Cause: with painted wooden handles, the paint will disolve. I have had this happen! With crystal filled handles where the clear part is made of plastic, the acetone clouds up the clear part, making it far less beautiful!
    Solutions: one, for clear handles, glass will prevent cloudiness. For non crystal fileld handles, Young Nails nailed it! The metal handle is impervious to both monomer and acetone. No more worrying about this one!

    Two, The brisltes started falling out after *x time*
    Solution: Crimped feurrell. Options: 1, purchase a brush with a feurrell that is already crimped, or crimp it yourself before you do anything else at all with your brush. The only problem with crimping it yourself is that it may not always come out perfectly smooth and uniform. I would never recommend using a brush who's feurrell has not been crimped prior to use. I am aware that some round brushes are prepared differently and still work well, but I would rather be safe than sorry. When you purchase and use a Young Nails brush, you never have to worry about it. Instead, you get peace if mind!

    Three, My brush is defective, The first time I used it it hardened, and now it's garbage. It must not be new and had some acrylic powder left in it!
    Solution: clean your brush properly before use! Every half decent (or better) acrylic brush made with 100% kloinsky bristles will come with a 'packing material'powder in the bristles, which is why it has such a beautiful shape when first opened. In order to not decimate your brush immediately, you must prepare it correctly. I would highly recommend watching the young nails video on preparing your new brush. This will show you exactly step by step what to do. You must gently clean the powder out of the brush completely before exposing it to acetone. Start this process when the brush is still completely dry. Never expose your new kloinsky brush to monomer until all of the packing powder is completely removed! Again, watch the Young Nails video on this.

    My last observation, If you purchase this beautiful Young Nails YNI Finesse Pro Acrylic Sculptor 9 oval brush, you will not regret it. This brush is both phenomenal and reliable. You can save yourself all the experimenting with new brushes and throwing money at uncertainties by simply betting on a sure thing and ordering this wonderful brush. The only better choice? Order 2 or three the first time, so you have a backup, and can switch as needed. Having an extra brush for a second color, for glitter, or in case of partially dried acrylic is a wise investment and will make you more money not having to stop to clean your brush, and your clients nails cleaner when usign white, colored, or glitter acrylic powders. Stop debating, and just order one, or five, right now! Trust me, they are awesome!

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    Posted by Michelle Motley on 13th Dec 2019

    I'm not sure if mine is what its suppose to be. Tip is very jagged, it's almost as if it's not cut right. Used it and it's kind of ok was thinking maybe sending it back?

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    Solid Brush

    Posted by Jeffrey on 25th Sep 2019

    A real solid brush that gets the job done. It's also great that you can take it apart and use the back part as a brush cover.

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    Its ok

    Posted by Alexandra on 11th Aug 2019

    I bought this brush after watching a young nails school video on youtube. It came pretty fast ( i live in ca) but when i dipped it in my liquid and pulled it out it looked like it’d been used and had acrylic stuck in it. I didnt like that part. Even now after using it a couple times its still like that. It soaks up a LOT of liquid so just male sure you’re getting enough of it out the brush, but I probably wouldnt buy it twice.