Nail Cleaning Kit

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99% Alcohol + Manicure Brush + Rose Cuticle Oil = Clean, Healthy Nails.

Many germs live under the fingernails, and they can be challenging to reach. With Young Nails’ Nail Cleaning Kit, you can scrub away all those germs with our 99% Alcohol cleanser, and then moisturize with Young Nails Rose Cuticle Oil.

Instructions: Take the manicure brush, place the bristles on the pump, and proceed to pump 99% alcohol onto the bristles (about 3-4 pumps). Scrub into the nails with the brush for about 10 seconds, in a side to side motion, making sure the bristles are scrubbing under the fingernails. Once done, moisturize completely with Young Nails Cuticle Oil.

Kit Includes:
8 oz Mani•Q Cleanser
Manicure Brush (Color May Vary)
1/4 oz Rose Oil