Social Media has revolutionized the way the Modern Business Owner operates. Come spend the day with someone who knows this all to well. Come hear the stories about the very humble beginnings of Young Nails Inc., the struggles, the heartaches, the successes, and how Social Media has changed the business landscape for good. Leave confident in knowing you are not alone in navigating today's Modern Business Environment. Branding, Social Media, Pricing and much more!


1. What Materials do I need for this class? -No materials are necessary for this class though we do recommend having a your social media accounts already set up, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Lindedin.

2. What is the address to Young Nails Tech? 1169 N. Patt St. Anaheim, CA 92801.

3. What Airport should I fly into when coming to Anaheim? John Wayne or LAX.

4. Are there any hotels that offer discounted rates for coming to Young Nails? Yes click this link for the Embassy Suites: Young Nails Reservation Link Embassy Suites Anaheim-North  

5. Do I already need to be in business to take this class? You do not need to already own a business to take this class. Even if you are thinking of opening your own business you should take this class.

6. Do I need a Cosmetology License to take this class? You do not need a license to take this class. Though the class focuses on the beauty industry the techniques and applications covered in this class can help all Business Entrepreneurs in every industry.

7. How much is this class? $150

8. How do I register for this class? Call (714)992-1400.

9. I have owned a business for over 20 years do I really need this class? Yes Social Media has changed the business environment for good. If you are not using Social Media Marketing in your business you should take this class.

10. Is lunch provided? Yes

11. Do we have to pay for parking? No, parking is free.