30g ManiQ Gel

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A clearly superior, sublimely resilient, entirely new way to enhance natural nails and keep them beautiful and strong for weeks. With proper application, mani•Q won't chip, crack or break - for four long weeks. Plus it simply breaks down with acetone so it's easy to remove and maintain. Thin viscosity for easy application. Can be mixed with glitters for custom blends. Clearly, the world has been waiting for this.

7 Reviews

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    Posted by Sarita on 19th Sep 2020

    I love it. It is perfect for my manicures. They last long and my nails are so strong.

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    Posted by Christine Prieve on 13th Aug 2020

    I have been using Synergy Gel for 15 years, love it. I just retired from teaching cosmetology & find I’m very hard on my nails! So I wanted to try Mani-Q. I’m glad I read the Q&A about Mani-Q, otherwise I didn’t know how to use this product! I wish I knew more! Thank you.

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    Posted by Gina on 28th May 2020

    Love this product. Always keeps my nails strong. Shipping was fast.

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    Virtually Zero Lifting

    Posted by Randi Rollins on 26th Feb 2020

    Have had almost no issues since switching to ManiQ .. if I have any I can determine the issue . LOVE IT GUYS

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    My favorite product!

    Posted by Michell Conroy on 17th Feb 2020

    I purchased this originally to use just for simple gel polish services but when I received it, I found the consistency to be very similar to another brand of gel I had been using for the Japanese Style gel manicures and it got me thinking...”Could I build in some structure over the natural nail with this and still have good adhesion and longevity?”
    The answer is YES!!
    I always test things out on myself first, I applied it four slightly different ways to four different nails and waited to see how long it would last.
    Bruh...there was no lifting or product breakdown for FIVE WEEKS! And I’m not easy on my hands. Not only do I work two different jobs, seven days a week, but I’m also a salty ‘ol horse girl. I ride regularly, and take care of my horse daily (grooming, bathing, picking feet, mucking stall etc.) without gloves just to see how much this gel could handle.

    I have naturally very flexible nails and have never been able to grow my own nails out...even with other nail enhancements. After a while, my nails just curl away from the hard gel or acrylic and I have to cut them down and start over.
    Mani-q has just the right amount of flexibility and strength to bend with the more flexible natural nails some clients have without cracking or breaking. And as their natural nail grows I can add structure to stress area for more stability.

    Literally 85% of my clients are wearing this. It changed my entire business. It’s easy to apply and lasts! And! Instead of soaking it all off, I just file and do a fill.

    I’m in Hawai’i and am literally the only nail tech on island using this and No one has been unhappy with the results.

    I couldn’t live without this product!

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    Makes your gel manicure that much better

    Posted by Erin Hallgren on 8th Nov 2019

    Easy to apply, thin viscosity, and no heat spike. If you have clients who need that little extra when getting a gel polish manicure, Mani-Q is it!

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    It gives my nails strength

    Posted by Elizabeth Barahona on 27th Jul 2019

    Wish was a little thicker. Felt it was too runny. My nails are very brittle and thin. I looked mani-q just wish had a little more consistency.